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Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Build Guide: How to use Scarlet Witch

Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Build Guide: How to use Scarlet Witch – In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Build Guide you will learn how to use Scarlet Witch in combat effectively, as well as which Ability Cards you should use in order to get the most out of this hero.  We’ll also explore the AOE-focused nature of hers, as well as the flexibility in your party’s composition – provided you adapt some characters to fit her playstyle.

Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Build Guide

Scarlet Witch is one of the last characters you obtain in the game. She is a Support/DPS hybrid character that focuses primarily on AOEs. These are abilities that target multiple enemies or players, so you want to keep that in mind if you want to get the best out of her.

What Cards to use with Scarlet Witch in Midnight Suns?



Let’s take a look at the first card I have in her deck, Unleash. Unleash increases the area of effect of her abilities by 40% for two turns, as well as giving her some Heroism – and you can modify it to have other effects. The best one in my opinion, is drawing a Scarlet Witch card, so that after you boost your AOE size, hopefully you’ll draw an AOE that you can then apply this to.

The reason this card is so important in this build is that you have so many AOEs between Hex Field, Hex Mark and Detonate, that you want to increase the size of those allowing them to hit more targets, allowing you to boost the effectiveness of those abilities. This should be the first thing that you cast, after which hopefully you draw one of those AOEs and play it.

Hex Mark

The next card we’re going to take a look at is Hex Mark. This applies the Marked status effect to all enemies in the area for two turns. Once you’ve upgraded, this becomes three turns. It also provides a good amount of Heroism as well as the ability to modify it later.

The importance of playing this card second, is you want to play Unleashed to increase its area of effect, and then play this to hit more targets. Marked enemies will refund the card play if they die, no matter which ability was used to kill them.

However, it’s important that you Mark at least some enemies (or characters) on the battlefield that aren’t Minions. This is because you can refund Minion kills with Quick attacks, since any amount of damage will kill them.

You want to Mark targets that aren’t going to die in just one hit, and maybe a couple that do so. That way, if you use something like Hex Field or another AOE like Detonate, killing some of those minions but not the big characters, you still get the card play refunded as well as having those characters damaged so you can finish them off on the next card play. Hopefully, if they’re Marked, you’ll get that card playback and it sort of snowballs into one long turn.

In addition, note that once you Mark targets, other characters from your team can damage and wipe them out with their AOEs or regular attacks as well, so as to keep the turn going. This really helps her support the team because in the case she’s not the primary damage dealer -and she won’t be most of the time-, you have somebody like Blade or Iron Man who can wipe out enemies and take advantage of all the Marked enemies.

Hex Field

Hex Field is a damaging AOE that gives you Heroism when you use it. This is a regular attack that damages in an AOE around Scarlet Witch, which means you need to move her in order to get her ideally positioned for this. Therefore, your turn’s move is usually going to be consumed by her doing this if you have this card. However, other characters can give you other moves, such as Magik or Spiderman, in which case you can still do other things and use this in the same turn.

Note that this ability is very low damaging, meaning that you’re not really going to get many kills with it other than a Minion or two – plus it’s not a Quick attack, so you won’t get refunded that card play. What I like to do with this card is substitute it for Hex Mark, provided I didn’t draw that, and modify it to apply Mark. You hit those enemies around you and Mark them with it, as you deal some damage to them at the same time, thus softening them up to finish them off afterwards and refund card plays.

The downside of this approach is that you only Mark them for this turn. Meaning if you use this last within your turn, then then it’s not effective. So you need to use this on your first or second card play ideally, after you’ve used Unleash to get the best results if you don’t have Hex Mark.

However, depending on the situation, it may be better to play than Hex Mark, because you can still Mark those same targets that you know you’re finishing off that round with the cards you have in your hand, as you also deal some damage.


And the last card I want to delve into here is Detonate. This is a Heroic ability that costs 2 Heroism points, and it effectively allows you to detonate an explosive environmental effect on the map, provided there is one. Sometimes there’s not, but most of the time there is, and it’ll deal 100% increased damage and have 100% increased radius, meaning it’ll explode very, very far and it’ll hit very, very hard.

Once upgraded, it also makes your allies immune to damage so that they don’t take any from the explosion. This is extremely useful given you almost can’t use this ability without hurting your teammates most of the time.

Additionally, if there are no explosive environmental effects on the battlefield, you can redraw this to gain one Heroism, which is nice. Note that you can use the Hunter ability: Deadly Ground to create explosions that can be Detonated by her, so make sure that you have this if you bring Hunter along.

This thing hits like an absolute truck. It can easily wipe out 6 ~ 8 enemies at once, and it’s pretty much her only damaging ability we have besides Hex Field (which doesn’t cause that much damage), which is why she’s in this kind of support role, but every so often she pops off for a crazy burst of damage.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Passive)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: 25% chance to debuff a random enemy near Scarlet Witch each turn.

So next, let’s take a look at her passive ability, Wrong Place, Wrong Time. This ability gives you a chance to debuff a random enemy near her each turn. This isn’t that great in my opinion, as the only time you’re going to be standing near enemies is when you use Hex Field – unless they attack you on their turn. This doesn’t happen all the time, plus you tend to wipe enemies out very, very quickly with that. Also, the fact of it being just a percentage chance and not knowing which debuff you’re getting makes it not that good of a passive in my opinion. When this upgrades it’s a 25% chance to ALL nearby enemies, but that still doesn’t happen often and the effect is random.

Which Heroes to Use with Scarlet Witch in Midnight Suns?

In terms of which characters go well with Scarlet Witch, Nico is probably the best. She works fantastically with Scarlet Witch because she can use her Witch Fire ability which, after you’ve Marked a bunch of targets with Hex Mark, only needs to kill one of those targets in order to refund the card play. For instance, maybe Nico’s ability kills two or three enemies, and one of them happens to be the Marked one – that refunds the cost of that play and you got three enemies dead, still having bunch of enemies Marked.

Another good character for her is Captain America. He has a lot of cards that just draw regular cards, which could be some of Scarlet Witch’s as well. He’s also a tank and he can give her Block with Tactician, and taunt enemies to keep them off her as well.

And then of course, any other DPS character that’s got a lot of AOE and can help soften up some of these marked targets, as well as characters that can surgically remove one at a time while hitting others – like Iron Man, Blade or Wolverine.

Avoid playing together with Spider-Man, Magik, and Ghost Rider, unless they’re set up to accommodate this play style with her, however. Spiderman relies a lot on environmental attacks, if she’s exploding everything on the map, he’s really not going to get much of a chance. However Spider-Man’s Opportunist gives more moves, thus allowing her to move around the battlefield and use Hex Field while still interacting with objects and getting kills, which is a bonus as long as you’re expecting her to get the kills, and not Spiderman.

Magik is extremely similar in the way that she plays, in that she uses her portals to kick and knock enemies through in order to deal increased damage and send them into exploding environmental objects, also damaging enemies around. If Scarlet Witch is detonating those explosions, then Magik isn’t really going to have an opportunity to do that – and it makes more sense for Scarlet Witch to do so because they do way more damage when she uses detonate, so there’s a conflict there. But just like Spider-Man, Magik can give moves with some of her attacks, so if you set her up properly then she could become a really good asset for Scarlet Witch.

And lastly, Ghost Rider. He needs to kill a lot of things in order to build up his Souls and increase his health, thereby increasing damage. And one of the ways he does that is by killing things on the environment. But if Scarlet Witch is making use of detonate and getting rid of everything on the environment to get those massive kills, then she’s taking his kills.

Final Overview

Scarlet Witch’s role as a Support/DPS hybrid character allows her to fit in a wide array of groups, as she focuses primarily on AOEs and can still benefit from overlapping characters with a bit of adjustment.

Also, don’t forget that Quick Toss is a really good card to have, even though it’s not an AOE at the beginning for her, because it allows Knockback in any direction, which not a lot of characters can do. Plus it also deals damage and is a Quick ability.

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