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Midnight Suns Captain America Build Guide: How to use Captain America

Midnight Suns Captain America Build Guide: How to use Captain America – In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Captain America Build Guide you will learn how to use Captain America in combat effectively as well as which Captain America Ability Cards you should use to get the most and best performance out of this hero. We’ll also explore what differentiates this character from Captain Marvel or Wolverine in terms of its tanking style.

Midnight Suns Captain America Build Guide

Captain America is the second tank/damage dealer you’ll obtain in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He is somewhat similar to Captain Marvel in the sense that they both build up their block and taunt enemies, and then absorb that damage with their block. In fact, Captain America has a passive called ‘‘All Day’’ that allows him to begin combat with a specific block amount – therefore making him able to absorb damage right from the very beginning of each mission.

But unlike Captain Marvel, whose focus is on drawing her cards to build up her Go Binary ability, Captain America focuses on drawing cards in general, not just his hero’s own cards. This benefits the entire team making him fit better into a group than Captain Marvel does, as the cards she needs will unavoidably conflict with those needed by her teammates.

For instance, you can take advantage of Captain America drawing style by joining forces with self-focused characters in need of lots of their own cards – such as Iron Man orCaptain Marvel. Captain Marvel would only compete with Iron Man here, given both characters need to play their own cards, so don’t bring both.

What Cards to use with Capitan America in Midnight Suns?

Now that we’ve covered his play style, let’s take a look at the cards you’ll build your 8 card deck with. You can of course use other cards, and which you use will likely depend a bit on which you’ve acquired and what their modifiers are, but this should give you a pretty good idea how to setup.


The first ability we’re going to look at is Tactician. Tactician makes it so that you gain block -which prevents damage- and draw any two cards. These can be from other classes as well and, when upgraded, it provides block for your allies as well so that they’re protected. You also gain Heroism by using it, which is great.

Once you upgrade the modifiers of it you can get even more heroism, making it possible to play more powerful cards right after this.


The next ability we’re going to look at is SPANG! This is a heroic ability as it costs 1 Heroism point, very cheap for such an ability. SPANG! allows Captain America to throw his shield at an enemy dealing very high damage. What’s more, it deals even more damage if the enemy is targeting Captain America specifically. In addition to this, once you’ve upgraded this ability you draw two cards of any character upon knocking out the enemy. This further facilitates  card draw, and you can modify this to be a Quick ability later, making it even more useful.

Brooklyn Handshake

The next card we’re going to take a look at is Brooklyn Handshake. This is an attack card that provides you with Heroism as well as knocking the target back, and if they’ve been damaged this term, forcefully knocking them back causing them to fly even further and take even more damage. Once upgraded, Brooklyn Handshake allows you to draw two cards when you kill an enemy.

These three abilities get you a lot of card draws for your team, and one thing that’s particularly excellent about this, besides the fact that it builds heroism, is that when you are able to apply modifiers, you can actually bind ‘‘Quick’’ to it. This means you’ll get the card play back if you defeat an enemy with it.

Brooklyn Handshake’s damage on it is not bad at all. It’s higher than a Quick Punch. So, a nice tip is to replace Quick Punch with this, as it has ‘‘Quick’’ on it and then it yields two cards when KO an enemy with it.

Shield Bounce

Shield Bounce is another heroic ability that costs 2 Heroism points, again, not very much at all. But this hits in a huge AOE for a good amount of damage, allowing you to wipe out a lot of targets in just one throw. And if you don’t wipe them out then they’re taunted.

Once upgraded, Shield Bounce also applies Weakening, meaning enemies deal less damage to you. This is great for our build, as Captain America doesn’t really have a ton of block the way we have him set up here.

The more Friendship Level, the more block you’re going to start with at the beginning of combat. Add Tactician play to this and you’re going to gain a good amount of block.

Captain America Build Profile

Rather than a Super Tank build, this is more of a DPS hybrid, as Captain America doesn’t have many ways to gain more block besides Tactician. Between Brooklyn Handshake, SPANG! and Shield Bounce, you can deal a decent amount of damage while also feeding cards for the team. And it allows him to taunt in a big AOE, taking some pressure off your teammates while also dealing a lot of damage.

You can always setup Captain America to do more of a tanking role still, having more abilities that taunt and give him more block. Like ‘‘Dig In’’ for instance. ‘‘Dig In’’ is a great way to get more block and to taunt a bunch of enemies. You can certainly swap out SPANG! or Brooklyn Handshake for that. However, if you want a nice blend of support, DPS and tanking, this build is a great way to set it up.

Note that you probably won’t have all these cards at the beginning. You can replace Brooklyn Handshake with Quick Punch at first, as you actually draw a card upon use if upgraded. So make sure you hang on to your Quick Punches and that you’re using them before you get Brooklyn Handshake.

Which Heroes to Use with Capitan America in Midnight Suns?

Using other characters in your party to feed Captain America cards isn’t as useful as it is for Iron Man or Captain Marvel, because it means that you’re feeding card draw to feed card draw. He IS the card draw in this setup, so he makes a better sort of Support Tank with a DPS accent. He won’t boost the damage of other characters, but he will support them by allowing them to draw and play their cards, while preventing them from taking damage.

A character like Doctor Strange would often be recommended as one to party with. A teammate who buffs attack damage and even pulls back some of their cards from the used pile. But Captain America doesn’t really need that – as is not so much of a damage dealer and thus, not our prime concern.

There is one really great card you can use if you want to make him more self-focused though, and that is ‘‘The Best Defense’’. This card provides Captain America with block equal to the damage he deals for the duration of two turns, in addition to drawing two Captain America cards and gaining Heroism points. If you want to make him the star of the show, then you’ll put that in your deck. But the real strength with Captain America is that he doesn’t have to play that way, whereas other characters like Iron Man and Captain Marvel can’t get away from it.

Final Overview

In conclusion, Captain America is a really fun, versatile Tank to play. He fits in with almost any group due to the way he draws cards, and he should be a staple in any party, tweaking his cards to best suit your needs. You can make your party revolve around him by adding The Best Defense card or leave it out and just use regular card draws. There are just a lot of different ways you can play him, as he deals good damage, he’s a good tank, and he’s just a great character to bring along in general.

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