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Midnight Suns Hunter Build Guide: How to use Hunter

Midnight Suns Hunter Build Guide: How to use Hunter – In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hunter Build Guide you will learn how to use Hunter in combat effectively, as well as which Ability Cards you should play in order to get the most out of this hero. We’ll also explore the cards we left out in this guide, and the reasons for doing so. So let’s delve right into it!

Midnight Suns Hulk Build Guide

Hunter is the main character of the game and has far more abilities than any other character. We’ll go through those abilities as well as which passives you should take to play the way that we’re set up. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the other cards -the one’s we’re not using in our deck-, while also exploring their perks for you to know why you may or may not want to use them.

Hunter Passive Ability & Collar

Fully Charged: Hunter gains 1 Resist or generates 1 Heroism at the start of every turn.

The passive I’m using here is called Fully Charged. This is one passive you get very early in the game, and essentially gives you Resist or gives you a Heroism point at the start of every turn. Both of these are phenomenal. Resist prevents all the damage from the first attack you take on the enemy’s turn, and Heroism is used for Heroic abilities – and anyone in your group can use it. This is similar to Doctor Strange’s ability which also grants Heroism, but it has a random factor attached to it. You use both Resist and Heroism all the time, so it’s great.

Balanced Collar: Draw 2 Hunter cards. Play 3 Power cards to earn in combat.

The Collar I’m using is the Balanced Collar, which gets you 2 Hunter cards each time you play 3 Hunter cards. Whenever you’re playing Hunter, no matter what style or which cards you’re using, you’re always playing Hunter cards. Therefore, you’re naturally going to gain extra Hunter cards throughout the mission as you play. And you don’t have to put together some combination of cards like you do with some of the other Collars.

Also, as we’re using the Wrath ability, which grants Critical, other collars are not really that important. And because Wrath is free the way we have it set up here, you can play cards very, very quickly. You can do something like Wrath, Quick Slash, and then one other card thus getting two more Hero cards for hunter. It works fast and you can generate this several times throughout a mission.

The used Collar will depend on where you are in the game and how much light/dark balance you have. I haven’t unlocked all the dark balance Collars, so I’m not sure what all their abilities are, but the balance Collar is obviously somewhere in the middle, so you’re probably getting this either way you go. One of the best things about this, is that you can make whatever decisions you want in terms of light and dark, and you’re still going to get this anyway.

What Cards to use with Hulk in Midnight Suns?


Quick Slash

The first card that I think anyone should use, no matter what you’re playing the hunter as, is Quick Slash, particularly early on in the game. This is one of the very few abilities in the game that does Knockback, is Quick, and also deals damage. Most cards will Knockback but not deal damage, or deal damage but not Knockback. This one does both, allowing you to kill enemies when there’s nothing to knock them back into, or to knock a enemy stronger than a minion into something and kill it, still getting that card play back from Quick. It’s a really, really strong ability, particularly early on, and you’re definitely going to want one or two of those in your deck pretty much the whole game.

Wild Strike

Wild Strike is a regular attack card that generates a little bit of Heroism, but it does extremely high damage for a non-heroic card. The downside is that it makes you Vulnerable for one term. But if you have the Resist on you from your passive, then you won’t take any damage when you get hit anyway, plus a lot of times you’re going to have a tank in your group who can taunt targets so that you don’t get hit. This ability means 1 swing, one kill – so you want to take out a deadlier target from the board, not a minion or something like that.

In addition, you absolutely want to modify Wild Strike to increase its damage somehow, whether it’s against full targets or the damage of the ability itself – so you can kill one difficult enemy in just one swing!


Wrath is an ability that once upgraded, becomes free. It makes all of Hunter cards in your hand Critical, meaning their damage is going to increase by the value of your critical damage multiplier, which increases throughout the game as you do side objectives. Wrath also makes all Hunter cards you draw for the next two turns have Critical as well!

Another really great thing about this is that you can modify it so as to draw the last attack card you played. This is from whatever character, but let’s say you’ve used Wild Strike and then you got this – you could pull Wild Strike back into your hand, but it is now a Critical version of Wild Strike, which is fantastic.

Wrath is a free ability, and as such, it’ll count towards those three cards you need to played in order for Hunter to get two additional card draws from the Balanced Collar. So there’s really no reason NOT to play this.


Patience is an extremely expensive Heroic ability with incredibly high damage which can only be cast one time before it gets removed from your deck for the rest of the mission. The reason why it’s listed here is because the cost of it goes down every turn that it remains in your hand and, when upgraded with Wrath to deal Critical damage, it deals even more damage. Besides, if you get Strengthened or something like that, this card can hit for over 1000 damage easily – That’s going to one-shot pretty much any boss or difficult enemy on the battlefield.

You can use Patience to just absolutely wipe out super tough-to-kill enemies in a single swing before they can buff, counter attack or perform any mechanics available to them. They’ll never get to trigger as they’ll most certainly be already dead.

Deadly Ground

And lastly, a card that I like to sneak in there -depending on who I’m running with-, is Deadly Ground. Once this is upgraded, it summons one light and one dark explosion, after which it summons another light and dark explosions. These are interactable explosions on the map that you can use 1 Heroism to activate. You can also Knockback enemies into them, or you can detonate them with Scarlet Witch. On top of this, if modified, you can gain a Hero card so when cast, which helps us get to that 3 Hunter Hero card plays.

This card is only good depending on who you have. If Magik is in your party, constantly knocking people through portals into explosions, then this works really well, particularly because the explosions created by this get benefits if things are knocked into them. Spider-Man is also really good for this as he does a lot of Knockback attacks as well. And then obviously Scarlet Witch, because if she doesn’t have anything to Detonate, her Detonate ability is wasted. This gives her a whole bunch of things she can use Detonate on.

Hunter Cards To Avoid in Midnight Suns


Mindbreaker is actually a really strong heroic card if used against bosses, given it effectively makes them attack their allies for several rounds. But this is only particularly good in boss fights, otherwise you don’t really need it. You’d be better off killing a target than using this. Super villains are a lot harder to kill generally, so this is a much better card when you’re facing them, and you might want to bring these along when you know you’re going to be facing one, but I wouldn’t recommend it in any other scenario.

Morning Star

Morning Star is an interesting one. It deals a little bit of damage, but it goes up every time you play another Morning Star card. So theoretically you could have two of them and keep drawing and playing them. It would deal more and more damage each cast. I find these types of abilities never last long enough to get properly charged up so as to be worth it.


Whip is a heroic card that does really good damage early on. It deals damage and forcibly knocks back for one Heroism, which is fantastic. However, it makes you discard a random card, so this is better at the beginning of the game when your decks aren’t really optimized, and could make you discard a crappy card. However, it soon becomes less effective as your deck becomes more optimized.

Holy Burst

Holy Burst looks really good at first glance, but the damage it deals for an AOE is rather small, and generally your characters are not piled up together so as to need healing at the same time. It seems a lot better on paper than it actually is in practice.


Mindbender is a dark card that seems really good at first glance, but generally speaking, you can deal more damage with your own heroic and non-heroic attacks like Wild Strike, which out-damages this by itself. Also, a lot of other hero’s attacks will outperform this skill in terms of overall damage, so I don’t advise using this one.

Summon Charlie

Summon Charlie is an interesting card because in order to get the most out of it, you have to become very, very friendly with the dog throughout the game. Upgrading the abilities of the dog will get her stronger and stronger. However, this just isn’t that good because the abilities that Charlie plays, besides the very strong one that Marks everything, don’t deal very much damage if not upgraded. In order for this to be good, you actually need to change the kind of outfit or passive that you’re using to benefit her.

Call to Arms

Call to Arms is a lot better later in the game than it is early on, because by then you start getting heroic abilities that cost 5~8 Heroism points and you can generate a lot of Heroism with this. We don’t really have a place for it in our deck unless you pull out one of our attacks. You could maybe replace Deadly Ground with it if you’re playing with characters that don’t use the environment at all, but I don’t have it in here.

Besides that, there are a lot of healing abilities and I just find that healing by itself is a waste of a card plays most of the time, unless you’re playing on harder difficulties. But if you’re playing on the easier difficulties of the game, you’re not going to heal much.

Which Heroes to Use with Hulk in Midnight Suns?

So obviously the Hunter character is going to play with a lot of different Heroes throughout the game based on the missions as he or she is involved in all of the main story missions. So you’re going to be playing this character a lot, and how they synergize with different characters is obviously going to depend on what cards you have.

If you choose to have heal abilities, then that works really well with Ghost Rider and Wolverine as both of them need healing. I don’t recommend this, but if you do, there’s better synergy with those two characters for healing abilities than there are with others.

Final Overview

Wrapping this guide up, we can see how Hunter is clearly a character with lots of potential playstyles at hand, as he/she has far more abilities to choose from than the other characters have, including several passive options. This makes Hunter fit very well in basically any party (provided we choose the right configuration), although this build makes it better for our main character to join forces alongside Magik, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man, even also Doctor Strange.

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