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Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Build Guide: How to use Captain Marvel

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Build Guide: How to use Captain Marvel – In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Build Guide you’ll learn how to use Captain Marvel in combat effectively, as well as which Captain Marvel Ability Cards you should use in order to get the best out of this character. We’ll also delve into her skills and passive abilities to better understand how to make her really unstoppable!


Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Build Guide

Captain Marvel is a tank damage dealer and one of the first tank characters you can access in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. She has a special ability called ‘‘Go Binary’’, which you can trigger once you have played 3 Captain Marvel cards (however long it may take you), a pop-up card named of the same name will appear. This ability not only adds lots of Block to her, but also doubles her damage output.

Your primary goal while playing with Captain Marvel should be to get this Go Binary card in your hand – and play it as soon as you can, so find ways to play her cards! Also note that you will leave this state if you lose all your Block so make sure you are gaining Block if you can.

What Cards to use with Capitan Marvel in Midnight Suns?

Our strategy here is to achieve a card deck that provides the best card combination to: 1) Get the Go Binary ability ASAP, and 2) Deal the most damage while you’re in this mode. In order to achieve this, the first step would be playing 3 Captain Marvel cards – so let’s take a look at the cards you’ll build your 8-card-deck with!

One Step Ahead

This card is available in your deck by default, and you should definitely keep and upgrade it. Basically, this card allows you to draw up to 3 Captain Marvel cards in your hand, and 4 after you’ve upgraded it. In times when you don’t have any more Captain Marvel cards in your hand, it becomes extremely useful – and if you do have some, you can redraw them for better ones if they aren’t ideal. Just make sure to Redraw them first to maximize the cards you draw with this card.

Not only lets you easily reach the number of cards you need to get Go Binary, but it also gives you 2 Heroism points, as well as count as a Captain Marvel card on its own – so if you play this one alongside two other Captain Marvel Cards, you will effectively get in Go Binary mode.

Quick Jab

Quick Jab is another great option for your deck as it is a Quick modifier, meaning if you take out a weak minion or enemy, it will refund your card game. The reason why this works great on Captain Marvel is that it actually counts as a card play towards the three you need for Go Binary – but without consuming a card play! You also gain 1 Heroism point by using this card. Later on in the game, Quick Jab can be upgraded in such a way you can add a modifier allowing you to gain another Captain Marvel card when knocking out an enemy.

Additionally, while you are in Go Binary mode, Quick Jab doubles the damage you cause as well as grants Knockback. Therefore, you can attack an enemy, knock him into another enemy and potentially kill both of them – in which case you will be able to draw two Captain Marvel cards if you have that modifier!

Bring It On

Bring It On taunts enemies within a huge area, and after upgrading it, you get 1 Counter. This means that when you get hit, you will execute a Counterattack on your enemy, which works really well if you are in Go Binary state, as your Counter damage will also be doubled. It also grants you +2 Heroism, and while  in Go Binary State, it will also provide you +2 Resist which negates the damage of the first 2 attacks you take entirely.



Photon Beam

Photon Beam is a Heroic Ability that costs 3 Heroism – so you won’t be able to play it whenever you want. On the other hand, this skill not only deals high damage, but also Taunts enemies.

When using this card you want to make sure that: 1) you have a good amount of Block on your character before or 2) you are going to gain some Block before the enemy’s turn. Otherwise, enemies will focus on Captain Marvel and she will be beat up quite badly. You don’t really want that to happen, so think before using this skill, and try to kill some enemies with it too, so that less enemies are taunted.

Didn’t Feel a Thing (Passive)

Another great feature of Captain Marvel is the Didn’t Feel a Thing passive ability. It can be upgraded as your Friendship Level goes up. What it does is to give you a chance of gaining a Counter charge if you KO an enemy.

The great thing about having Counter on Captain Marvel is that when she is powered up in Go Binary mode, and if she has already taunted a great number of enemies, she has tons of Block. All enemies will attack her, and she will mitigate damage then Counterattack – what becomes a really deadly combo. As I mentioned she deals double damage when in Go Binary mode, making her arguably the most effective character at Counters in the game.

Which Heroes to Use with Capitan Marvel in Midnight Suns?

When playing Captain Marvel, you’ll want to put her into Go Binary mode as quickly as possible and as many times as you can. Thus the other characters in your party will play a support role, and not really shine in a DPS role. Dr. Strange, Captain America, or Nico are good choices to play with Captain Marvel for this reason. These characters make it easy to draw cards for Captain Marvel as they are able to draw general cards that she can seize, and can also boost her damage, allowing her to defeat enemies more easily, which helps to trigger her passive: Didn’t Feel a Thing more often.

Dr. Strange

Agamotto’s Gaze: Draw the last 2 Attacks played. Start next turn with 4 Card Plays.

The first one is Agamotto’s Gaze that draws back the last 2 attacks played, so you’ll have 4 card plays instead of 3 on your next turn, as well as 2 more Heroism points. Once upgraded these attacks will also deal additional damage, which stack with Blessing of Vishanti’s damage, allowing you to really stack up damage. And an extra card play on the following turn is huge and can often be the difference between winning an encounter or falling behind and being overwhelmed.

Blessing of the Vishanti: Give hero cards in your hand +damage until played or discarded

Blessing of the Vishanti boosts the damage of all cards that deal damage in your hand, including Heroic cards, which can help to boost Captain Marvel’s damage with Quick Jab early on, and Photon Beam later on. Once upgraded these bonuses last all game, so they’ll be there when you inevitably draw these cards again, and you can cast this card again to further boost their damage.

Just be careful when you use this card, and make sure that you have at least a few damage dealing cards in your hand when you use it.

Captain America

Tactician: Gain Block. Give Block to all allies. Draw 2 cards.

Captain America has the Tactician ability which grants block and, once upgraded it, gives block to his teammates including Captain Marvel and allows you to draw 2 cards. He also has other cards like Spang!, Quick Punch and Brooklyn Handshake which all draw cards, particularly when you KO enemies, so make sure you take him if you need to be able to grab more cards, resulting in more Captain Marvel cards drawn.


Nico Minoru

Blood Magic: Apply 2 Roulette to you or an ally. Roulette, Draw 1 of their cards.

You can also combine Captain Marvel with Nico’s Blood Magic ability, which provides a buff to Captain Marvel giving her one of 4 buffs including Strengthened or Counter, which are both great for her. Also, once it’s been upgraded, it’ll also let you draw 1 card of the hero it’s used on, which is perfect since you need more Captain Marvel cards, and give you +2 Heroism which will allow you to use Photon Beam more easily.

Final Overview

All in all, Captain Marvel is one of our favorite characters in the game. Not only does she look cool and kicks some serious butt, but she can also tank and mitigate tons of damage, even allowing her to sometimes take out all the enemies on the battlefield without taking any damage, which is a fantastic feeling!

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