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Midnight Suns Hulk Build Guide: How to use Hulk

Midnight Suns Hulk Build Guide: How to use Hulk – In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hulk Build Guide you will learn how to use Hulk in combat effectively, as well as which Ability Cards you should use to get the most out of this hero. We’ll also delve into Hulk’s rage mechanic and how it fuels the abilities suggested in this build – plus which of characters make the best teammates.

Midnight Suns Hulk Build Guide

Hulk is the last hero you obtain in the game. He’s an absolutely devastating tank-DPS hybrid character, that possesses a particularly interesting mechanic: Rage.

Hulk gains one rage every time he uses the Smash ability or when he takes damage. Therefore, by taunting enemies and them attacking him, he’s going to gain Rage, as well as every time he uses Smash. However, anytime he uses any other damaging ability, he’s going to lose 1 Rage.

What this means is that you’re going to have sort of this seesaw back and forth as your Rage builds up and you use it on damaging abilities, then it goes back down. However, it only goes down by 1 every time you use an ability, which is not a lot. It’s a lot easier to build up Rage than to lose Rage, so you shouldn’t be worried about using too many abilities.

The way we have it set up in our deck means you’re going to use Smash a lot. You’ll be able to gain back a lot of Rage that way, as well as through tanking.

What Cards to use with Hulk in Midnight Suns?


The Smash card is an attack that applies Stun to the target, so if you don’t kill it, it’s going to be Stunned. You’re going to gain one Rage but you won’t consume one. So you’re netting one Rage when you use this ability, and if the target is at full health, you’ll deal increased damage as well as generate a little bit of Heroism.

I have modified this card later on to be Quick, because essentially what we want to do is start out with a weak enemy like a minion, kill it with this ability, and then get one more rage so that this damaging ability will now kill a regular enemy, use it again somehow (either pulling it back with other card mods or hero cards like Doctor Strange’s) attacking and killing a regular enemy, building up even more Rage and then attacking and killing an elite enemy provided you can pull it back again, or you have a second copy of it. And suddenly you’re at this point where you’ve built up your Rage and haven’t consumed any card plays, wiping out some of the most difficult enemies on the board. At that point you want to drop some AOE or something like that.

This strategy is a lot harder to pull off if you don’t have Smash modified to Quick because you’re going to eat through your card plays with the way this is set up. However, by the time you get Hulk, you are easily able to modify your cards. You should be very familiar with how they work, so this should not be difficult to do.

Challenging Roar

Challenging Roar is a single target taunt. It gives you 1 Rage for every enemy targeting Hulk. So you want to try and use this when you have 2~4 enemies targeting Hulk and not just 1 person, otherwise you’re not going to get a lot out of it. The idea here is to build up your Rage really quickly with this so that you can drop something like Seismic Slam or World Breaker and just absolutely wipe everything off the board real quick.

Sometimes you even get lucky and some of the demon hound creatures will all target him at the beginning, and by dropping this you can hit five Rage instantly. So it’s really situational, therefore how you want to use this card depends on what you are dealing with.

You can modify it to draw a Hulk card in case you don’t have Smash or Seismic Slam. Hopefully this will pull a Smash card for you if you don’t have one, and then you can kill a difficult enemy since you have a lot of rage built up – and then you’ll get your card play back for that, so it’s really, really good.

Seismic Slam

Seismic Slam is a Heroic ability that costs 4 Heroism, which is not cheap, but deals a lot of damage, which gets modified for each point of Rage you have. So this gets up to 800~900 damage pretty quickly depending on the amount of Rage you have. It also has a Taunt attached to it, which is negligible most of the time. Really, if you drop this, it kills anything it touches, so we are not really worried about the Taunt.

When upgraded, Seismic Slam increases its area of effect, so you’re going to hit more enemies, and you can also modify it to get a card on every KO – just like I did. You almost always kill everything you hit with it, so you get a ton of cards back with this modification.

World Breaker

World Breaker is Hulk’s legendary ability. You get this not too long after getting him, but this might be the most devastating legendary card in the game. It deals a ton of damage, though it costs 6 Heroism. However, the damage it deals gets modified by your Rage, so this is going to increase if you have a lot of Rage built up. Also, it forcefully knockbacks everything and hits everything on the screen, no matter where enemies are or where you’re standing.

Most cases this will be a board clear, so if you can drop this ability with 2~4 rage -and there are a lot of enemies on the screen of course-, just drop it.

Always Angry

And lastly, let’s take a look at Always Angry. This is a skill that basically makes Hulk consume all of his Rage to heal himself, getting a lot of health for it as you’ll almost always overheal with this ability. However, we want to use this for emergency healing. There’s almost never a need for that, but you never know. So we got one in here, especially as it increases your maximum Rage by one, so then you can have up to six Rage, meaning your damaging abilities are going to hit even harder. You also get some Heroism and you can modify it to draw either the last card you played or a Hulk one.

So if you draw this at the beginning of the game and you don’t have any other good Hulk cards, you can at least draw one of his cards, gain some Heroism and not lose any rage given you haven’t built any up yet.

Which Heroes to Use with Hulk in Midnight Suns?

A really great character to have Hulk join forces with is Doctor Strange, as he not only has a card that boosts the damage of all his abilities, but he also has another card that will pull back attacks. Our approach here is to deal as much damage as we can, and as I mentioned, we want to use Smash as many times as we can as it gives you 1 Rage every time you use it and gets stronger and stronger allowing you to wipe out enemies to the point of becoming a one-shot for really difficult enemies.

Any modifier that says “draw last attack played” or “draw hero cad” you want it on your cards as well as on your other heroes’ cards. This is because if you can just keep pulling Smash back, generate all the way up to 5 Rage and drop World Breaker, it’s over. That’s it. So those are really good modifiers to look out for. And Doctor Strange has a card that can do that without even modifying it.

Nico is a really good match for Hulk too, as she can give him Counter, which is fantastic for this build because if you didn’t know, your Counter is based off your offense. So the more he builds up his Rage, the harder he hits when he counterattacks – so his enemies are taunted attacking into him, and his hits are just going to hit harder and harder as that Rage builds up. This means he can kill enemies very easily from just taking damage, which is phenomenal.

She can also give him Strengthened with Blood Magic, which will just further increase the damage of all his abilities. Fast will reduce the cost of Seismic Slam and World Breaker, which is great, and then -obviously- Blood Magic itself will make it so as his attack abilities heal. So if you’re smashing away on things you can heal yourself back up if you’ve taken damage. So all those are really good for him and work really well.

Additionally, Double Up is really nice as it can copy Smash, Challenging Roar, Seismic Slam or even World Breaker provided they are in your hand.

Hunter is really good because of his Wrath ability. It’s free, you can modify it to draw the last card back, and not only buffs Hunter, but also pulls back your last attack, which can give you Smash back. All of this without even wasting a card play.

Spider-Man is also a really good pairing here, especially if you’re using Opportunist, as it allows him to take advantage of environmental attacks. Hulk has no focus on environmental attacks whatsoever, although you shouldn’t really be doing environmental attacks with him if you have Spider-Man in your group. And since Hulk doesn’t generate Rage from killing targets, you can just use Spider-Man to use Heroism and kill by using the environment while Hulk uses his abilities.

I wouldn’t really use any other heroes that are focused on drawing their cards to be effective, meaning Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Magik or Scarlet Witch. I would avoid these five when using Hulk as you want to play his cards when playing him. For instance, if Iron Man needs to draw a bunch of his cards to be effective, and Hulk’s trying to play his own cards, it won’t be an optimal situation.

Final Overview

Hulk is a calamitous beast that plays best when assuming a Tank-DPS hybrid role, especially considering his Rage mechanic – which makes him a literal lethal machine when combined with abilities like Smash, Challenging Roar and, of course, World Breaker.

You will take the most advantage out of Hulk when sided with characters that help boost his damage and aid him in drawing his cards, like Doctor Strange or Nico, who boost the damage of his attacks and allow him to counterattack, or Spider-Man and Hunter.

By avoiding conflicting characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Magik or Ghost Rider (whose necessities overlap with Hulk’s), you’ll effortlessly succeed in turning the battlefield into carnage.

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