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Honkai Star Rail Guide: Best Relics To Farm

In this guide to efficient Relics farming in Honkai Star Rail, I will discuss the Relic Sets that offer the best returns on your daily Stamina investment. Please note that this is not a tier list or a ranking of Relic power. But rather it’s a recommendation on how to manage your resources effectively. The goal is to maximize the benefits obtained from your limited Stamina. Due to the RNG of Relic drops, I don’t advise to spend stamina gambling on them. Not before getting most of the guaranteed upgrades to your character. Once you have reached a high Trailblazer Level and acquired the majority of your traces, Relic farming becomes much more advantageous. This guide is specifically tailored for endgame Relic farming.

Honkai Star Rail Guide: Best Relics To Farm

Stamina (or Trailblazer Power) in Honkai Star Rail is limited, generating 10 stamina per hour. This caps at 180. If you log in twice a day to spend them, the total daily stamina amounts to 240. In terms of Relics, there are twelve Relic sets that can be obtained from six different caverns of Corrosion. There are also eight Planetary Sets that can be obtained from four worlds in the Simulated Universe. Each cavern of Corrosion consumes 30 stamina, while Simulated Universe runs consume 40 stamina.

The maximum number of caverns of Corrosion you can farm daily without using fuel refreshes is 8. Or you can obtain 6 Immersion rewards from the Simulated Universe. The rarity and quantity of Relics obtained are determined by your Equilibrium and Trailblazer Level. It is important to note that the higher your Equilibrium level, the better Relics you will receive. This makes it unwise to farm Relics at lower levels. Focus on obtaining only a few Relics with the correct main stats for your main team at lower levels. Save all your fuel refills for farming at Trailblazer level +60.

We should aim to farm the caverns of Corrosion that provide the broadest coverage in terms of Relic sets. This means we can prioritize the caverns of Corrosion that offer two sets. These can be utilized by a large number of characters. The same principle applies to the Planetary Sets obtained from the Simulated Universe. In this guide on the best Relics in Honkai Star Rail, I will explain how to achieve optimal Relic farming.

Honkai Star Rail Relics Overview: Path of Gelid Wind

The Path of Gelid Wind Cavern of Corrosion holds a wind set and ice set which I will go over.

Eagle of Twilight Line – Wind Set

The wind set provides Wind damage as a bonus on two pieces and allows the character to advance a turn forward upon using their ultimate. As a result, it is a standard choice for any wind DPS character, such as Dan Heng, Sampo, or even a support character like Bronya. Additionally, other characters who do not possess the wind element can also benefit from using the Eagle of Twilight Line set. Due to Advance Forward being a very valuable stat, as it allows for more turns, it’s a more universal set.

If you have a support character that doesn’t necessarily require a DPS set from their own element, the Eagle of Twilight Line is a beneficial set to utilize. Not only does it generate more SP for the team, enabling energy to be refunded faster, but it also facilitates more turns. This set aids in increasing the energy generation for your support character as well as generating SP for the entire team. Typically they benefit from acting faster than DPS characters in order to provide SP and buff the DPS more frequently. This set serves this dual purpose.

Advance Forward Stat

The advance forward doesn’t happen every turn, and only when character uses ultimate. So the best characters to use it are those who have very low energy cost, or refund their ultimate easily. Other supports without Wind element who prefer Wind Set over Speed Set are Pela, Asta, and Tingyun.

The “Advance Forward” effect does not occur every turn but rather when a character uses their ultimate. Therefore, the best candidates to benefit from this effect are those with very low energy costs or those who can easily refund their ultimate. Additionally, there are other support characters without the Wind element who prefer the Wind Set over the Speed Set, such as Pela, Asta, and Tingyun.

Hunter of Glacial Forest – Ice Set

The Ice set provides Ice damage as a bonus on two pieces and grants conditional Crit Damage for two turns following the ultimate. However, upon its release, the only two Ice DPS characters available were Herta and Yanqing. Both of these characters struggle to maintain the full uptime of the four-piece bonus, resulting in the Ice set not always being the optimal choice as a DPS option. Especially with the high energy cost of Yanqing’s Ultimate, and Herta not being a popular pick as a DPS.

No other character outside of the Ice cast can fully utilize Hunter of Glacial Forest, so it’s a bit underwhelming. Ice characters can find good alternatives in hybrid sets.

Path of Gelid Wind Cavern Verdict (9/10)

It is indeed an excellent cavern, but in this Star Rail Best Relic Guide, I cannot wholeheartedly suggest solely focusing on it. Farming this cavern is ideal if you have an Ice damage dealer since drops from both sets will be utilized. You can farm it to acquire two pieces of the Ice set for a hybrid setup, which doesn’t require a significant amount of time. Alternatively, you can fully commit to building multiple sets for various characters. However, if you don’t have a need for the Ice set, it is not the only cavern worth farming, and you might discover more efficient options for your account.

Honkai Star Rail Relics Overview: Path of Drifting

The Path of Drifting Cavern of Corrosion drops a Healing set, and an Attack Set with bonus Speed.

Passerby of Wandering Cloud – Healing Set

This Relic set provides a healing bonus, and gives one extra SP at the start of a battle. This is the standard pick for every healer character. It’s also a nice way to squeeze in some extra skill use for any team setup. The SP bonus is particularly valuable for teams aiming to clear the first wave in Memory of Chaos within a zero-cycle. However, beyond that specific scenario, it is a nice bonus but not necessarily essential.

Healers such as Luocha, Bailu, and Natasha can utilize the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set. However, they are not restricted to it, as they can also use hybrid sets or even the Speed set. This does not diminish the value of this particular cavern, as the Speed set also drops here.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat – Attack and Speed Set

The Musketeer of Wild Wheat is the most versatile Relic set in Honkai Star Rail, offering three bonuses: % Attack, Normal attack damage, and % Speed. It is the only set that provides a Speed bonus among all the Relic sets upon its release. Speed is a valuable attribute that can be utilized by almost every character, whether they are DPS or support. While the wind set may hold more value in optimal setups, the speed set is widely accessible. It drops from weekly bosses and other sources, increasing the chances of obtaining multiple favorable pieces when farming for it. Additionally, the speed set possesses some unique properties.

What makes Speed unique is its crucial role in triggering several Planetary Set bonuses. In fact, there are three sets that require 120 speed and one set that demands 145 speed. Certain characters have inherently low speed, requiring significant bonus Speed to reach these thresholds. Furthermore, Speed enables characters to take more turns, deal increased damage, and generate more SP.

Speed is not the sole benefit you gain from the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set, as it also provides an Attack bonus. The generic attack stat is a solid choice for any character focused on dealing damage. In this Star Rail Best Relics guide, we can’t find a more versatile and universally applicable set, even if not the best.

Path of Gelid Wind Cavern Verdict (8/10)

Every healer in the game necessitates farming this cavern, whether they intend to use a healing set or the attack and speed set. Furthermore, every support character can make use of the speed set, either permanently or temporarily. Additionally, the majority of DPS characters can also equip the drops from this domain.

So while it might not be the strongest in every situation, it’s a good place to start. Especially if you don’t have Ice or wind DPS to justify farming ice and wind cavern. You can outfit your entire account with relics from this cavern, and it will provide a reasonably good setup overall.

Relics Sets Overview: Path of Jabbing Punch

This Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Jabbing Punch drops a physical set, and Break Effect Set.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

The physical set offers the potential to stack up to a 25% Attack bonus after attacking enemies five times. The buff remains permanent, allowing characters to gain a higher value from it during longer battles. At the time of launch, the physical DPS characters available include Luka, Clara, Physical Trailblazer, and Sushang, all of whom can make excellent use of this set.

Additionally, certain characters with a high number of attacks, like Herta or Himeko, can also utilize it, although it may not be their optimal choice. There are healers like Luocha who benefit from scaling with attack since it serves as both an offensive and defensive stat. However, even Luocha can find satisfaction in using a hybrid attack/healing set if preferred.

The general use of a physical set is somewhat limited, compared to say a Wind set. But it’s worth farming if you use physical DPS. More so if you use a mono physical team with two physical DPS.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

The Break Effect Set stands out as one of the best sets in the entire game, particularly when used on the right character. Break Effect is a niche stat that remains inactive until the precise hit that breaks through enemy toughness occurs. This may initially appear counterproductive to the inexperienced observer. However, the amount of damage it can stack on some elements, makes it worth building a fully dedicated breaker.

The best support in the game right out of the gate is the Silverwolf. This is due to her superb break capability. er Quantum element enables her to accumulate stacks on broken enemies, and when the enemy recovers, they suffer immense Break damage. This type of break damage is unique and doesn’t scale with offensive stats such as attack or crit. Instead, it scales with the character’s level, break effect, enemy’s maximum toughness, and element type. Apart from the Break Effect, these stats are beyond our control or can only be raised up to a certain limit. Thus, the Break Effect serves as the only multiplier we can utilize to enhance break damage, and the Break set provides exactly that.

In this guide to the best relics in Honkai Star Rail, the Thief of Shooting Meteor set is a great pick. It not only provides the valuable Break Effect, but also grants energy when breaking enemy toughness. This feature offers a fantastic means of charging the ultimate ability faster and enhancing the overall performance of the character, particularly for those with area-of-effect (AOE) capabilities.

All three characters, Silverwolf, Serval and Yukong, excel as fully dedicated breakers for their respective elements. Additionally, Asta, and Sushang can also incorporate Break Effect into their builds, albeit to a slightly lesser efficiency.

Path of Jabbing Punch Cavern Verdict (7/10)

If you are focused on building a Physical DPS character, this cavern is an absolute must. If your main focus is on building Silverwolf, it becomes a high-priority target. Otherwise, it remains a decent cavern where you can obtain the Break set for certain support characters or for Serval.

Both the Wind cavern and the Healing cavern are more valuable if you can only farm one cavern. However, you can mix and alternate between them and still get decent results. There’s really no bad choice here.

Relics Sets Overview: Path of Holy Hymn

This Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Holy Hymn drops a lightning set and Def Set.

Knight of Purity Palace

The Def set is the optimal choice for shielders, and there are no viable alternatives to it. The four-piece set bonus directly multiplies shield strength, providing excellent protection. Additionally, the two-piece bonus offers a straightforward percentage increase to defense, which is beneficial for all shielders. I highly recommend obtaining a copy of this set for every shielder in your roster. However, I advise against expending excessive stamina on farming it.

The aspect of Def scaling is that characters can easily reach high values, resulting in diminishing returns. For shielders, other stats besides defense do not have a significant impact, so they don’t require extensive optimization. Having the correct set bonus and the appropriate main stat are more than enough for most shielders.

Band of Sizzling Thunder

The Lightning Set is more niche compared to other sets. It provides lightning damage on the two-piece bonus and a conditional Attack buff on the four-piece bonus. However, the condition to trigger the Attack buff requires using a skill every single turn, which is not something many characters can consistently meet.

On top of that, there aren’t many lightning DPS characters available. So it boils down to Jing Yuan who becomes the primary user of the Lightning Set. Other characters like Serval can focus on building the Break Set, while Arlan is generally considered underwhelming.

Path of Holy Hymn Cavern Verdict (6/10)

In our Honkai Star Rail Best Relics Guide, I recommend farming enough Def set pieces from this cavern and then moving on. It’s not necessary to extensively farm this cavern for an extended period, as it primarily benefits a single character in the long run.

Relics Sets Overview: Path of Conflagration

This Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Conflagration drops the Fire set and the Imaginary Set.

Firesmith of Lava-Forging

Fire set is most effective on fire DPS characters such as Himeko and Hook. The set provides bonuses to fire damage, skill damage, and additional fire damage after using the ultimate. This is particularly beneficial for characters who rely on their skills and frequently charge their ultimate. Himeko, in particular, perfectly aligns with these requirements, making her the optimal user of the fire set. Hook can also make good use of the set for buffing her enchanted basic attack.

Aside from these two characters, no other character can fully utilize the Fire set. Asta may gain a slight increase in DPS, but since Asta primarily functions as a support, they generally work better with Speed or Advance Forward sets. Similarly, the Fire Main Character tends to benefit more from the Def set. As for non-fire characters, they have no means of effectively utilizing the Fire set’s bonuses. So it’s a very limited pick.

Wastelander of Banditry Desert

The Imaginary set sees even less usage compared to the Fire set. The sole Imaginary character in the entire game at launch was Welt, with two additional Imaginary-type characters being released in 1.1 but unable to utilize the Imaginary set.

What makes matters even worse for this particular set is the bonuses are conditional based on offensive stats. It provides a Crit Rate bonus against debuffed enemies and a Crit Damage bonus against imprisoned enemies. While the debuffed status may initially appear easy to trigger due to any Damage over Time effect being considered a debuff, the Crit Rate itself can be obtained through main and sub-stats on Relics. Characters that are in the Imaginary category are not in favor of sacrificing a 10% damage multiplier from their correct element set for an accessible stat such as Crit Rate.

Crit Damage is further limited by a more challenging condition: Imprison. Only Welt’s Ultimate and the Imaginary break can inflict Imprison, requiring investment in Effect Hit Rate to successfully land the debuff. As a result, no character besides Welt can effectively utilize this set. Yukong, being a support, prioritizes building energy, speed, and Break effect. Similarly, Luocha requires investment in attack and healing stats rather than focusing on Crit Damage.

Path of Conflagration Cavern Verdict (6/10)

In conclusion, Path of Conflagration cavern doesn’t have any of Honkai Star Rail’s Best Relics. It has niche and harder-to-use sets. Ideally only when you use fire main DPS, and you do it half-heartedly. There are more important and broader caverns to farm, and sets to use. Probably it’s best to pretend this cavern doesn’t exist, and farm generic DPS sets for your fire DPS characters and save yourself the hassle.

Relics Sets Overview: Path of Providence

This Cavern of Corrosion, Path Providence drops the Quantum set, and another set which is pretty much useless in my opinion and no one really uses it as there are better alternatives.

Genius of Brilliant Stars

The Quantum Set is a signature set for the limited five-star DPS, Seele. It’s the best elemental set, with pure damage multipliers that work very well together. The two-piece set has standard quantum damage, and a four-piece that has a stat called Ignore Def. Ignore Def is a unique stat that multiplies character damage, and it gives increasing returns if stacked. Currently, in the game, there is no other source for Ignore Def, but it also stacks with Def reduction. You can get a Def Reduction from the Nihility debuffers such as Pela, or Silverwolf. Or even some from the Nihility Light Cones.

Overall, the Quantum set is one of the main reasons Seele is so strong damage dealer. And if future Quantum characters get released, they have potential to be top dps as well. This set is so powerful that it might rival full dps sets on none-Quantum characters, assuming enemies have Quantum weakness. This can also be achieved with Silverwolf + Mono element teams.

However, since Silverwolf performs worse with the Quantum set than a Break set, this leaves the farming of this cavern valid only for Seele and Qingqu. Otherwise, farming the Quantum Cavern is a terrible idea.

Guard of Wuthering Snow

This set reduces damage taken, heals the character when they drop below 50% health, and gives them some energy. Overall, it has zero offensive stats, and the energy generation is so small that it is not viable as a support set. Additionally, the condition to activate it is so ridiculous that no character at launch can meet it: getting below 50% health every turn to gain some energy.

The Destruction set is currently not a great set, but it may be meant for an unreleased character with a unique kit that can synergize with it in future. Until then, it is simply dead weight, and getting pieces of it instead of Quantum pieces can be frustrating.

Path of Providence Cavern Verdict (5/10)

If it weren’t for the useless self-healing set, the Path of Providence Cavern would have a chance to be one of the best. However, getting 50% trash pieces from farming is a huge downside. The other set is not effective even as part of a hybrid set. For example, we can use the Fire and Imaginary sets in a hybrid 2-piece + 2-piece set, which would justify using the better drops.

So that’s it for the Best Relics to farm in Honkai Star Rail. What did you think of the list? What are your favorite Relic Sets so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more Honkai: Star Rail Guides as they are released. For more Honkai: Star Rail content, check out Honkai Star Rail Tier List – AOE DPS, and our Honkai Star Rail Tier List – Single Target DPS.

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