Honkai Star Rail Guide: 5 Best Eidolons
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Honkai Star Rail Guide: 5 Best Eidolons

In this Star Rail guide to the best Eidolons, I will discuss the top five Eidolons in the game that are worth investing your Stellar Jade in. This is not intended to be a tier list or a ranking of character power, but rather a recommendation on resource management. Consider it a way to maximize the benefits of using your hard-earned wishes. It’s generally not advised to spend wishes chasing Eidolons due to their high cost, even for four-star ones in my opinion. However, this may not hold true for every character, so the list aims to help you narrow down which Eidolons are truly worth summoning. If you’ve been wondering which character to allocate your last remaining resources to, then this guide is tailor-made for you!

Honkai Star Rail Guide: 5 Best Eidolons

When it comes to wishes, every account has access to a limited number of them. You receive a substantial amount of wishes when starting a new account and progressing through levels. Additionally, completing challenges, quests, and engaging with various content grants you a certain amount of wishes. Furthermore, you receive a steady income of wishes on a weekly and monthly basis. However, all of these sources are finite. If players fail to manage them properly, they may end up with useless or subpar Eidolons for their characters.

Obtaining a five-star character typically requires an average of over 75 wishes. The first five-star character has a 50% chance to be the rate-up character. If this chance is missed, the next five-star character is guaranteed to be the rate-up character. This is a significant investment, but five-star characters usually perform well even without Eidolons at E0.

On the other hand, there’s no guarantee of obtaining a specific character with four-star wishes. Each banner features three rate-up characters. Each four-star pull has a 50% chance of being one of those three characters. This means that with each set of ten pulls, there is a one-in-six chance of obtaining a specific character. Acquiring multiple copies to enhance Eidolons will require either great luck or a substantial number of wishes.

The Best tips for Summoning Eidolons

In this guide I’ll provide some tips to help you get more value from your wishes in Honkai Star Rail.

Plan Your Wishes Ahead

Honkai Star Rail often announces upcoming banners for the next patch before the current banners end. This provides players with valuable information about the characters they can expect to see in the next two months. It allows for better planning, and players can evaluate how many wishes they want to allocate to each banner.

Let’s take the example of version 1.0 and 1.1 banners:

Each banner lasts for three weeks, and it’s important to note that it’s unrealistic to expect to obtain all of these characters, let alone acquire Eidolons for all of them. This is where planning becomes crucial. You need to consider which characters you truly need and which ones are not worth pursuing.

For example, some players might decide to skip the Jing Yuan banner. This might be because they already have a free-to-play Erudition character such as Serval. They might prioritize obtaining more unique characters that fulfill new roles, so they main Serval and skip Jing Yuan. Serval is featured as a rate-up character in the next banner alongside Silver Wolf. Wishing on the Silver Wolf banner would provide a significant boost to their account as Serval’s Eidolons will add considerable value.

The same approach can be applied to players who skipped Seele and opted to play Sushang as a four-star alternative. They can save all their wishes and go all-in on the Jing Yuan banner to obtain more copies of Sushang.

Relax, Don’t Try for E6 From One Banner Alone

If you are aiming for an E6 four-star character, you might need over 400 wishes to obtain the seven required copies. Accumulating this number of wishes takes considerably more time than the three-week duration of a single banner. Therefore, players should not expect to acquire all Eidolons at once. They should consider waiting for character reruns to build a more diverse roster in the process.

By distributing your wishes across multiple banners, you increase your chances of obtaining new characters alongside your desired Eidolons. In many cases, new characters hold more significance than higher-rated Eidolons.

Let’s use Pela as an example. She first appeared in the banner featuring Seele, Natasha, and Hook. Then, in the three subsequent banners, she reappeared in the Luocha banner alongside Qingque and Yukong. If a player exhausts all their wishes to acquire high-rated Eidolons for Pela in the first banner, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to obtain more characters from the second banner. Therefore, adopting a patient and gradual approach is a good way to obtain the best Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail.

Summon on Banners with Several Useful Characters for Your Account

It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how easy it is to miss this tip. One might see an amazing five-star character and spend every last wish trying to obtain it. Without considering whether the banner offers other useful characters for your specific account needs is not recommended.

Let’s take an account that pulled and focused on Seele as a single-target DPS. If you have skipped the Jing Yuan banner to save more wishes. You may be faced with the decision of pulling on either the Luocha or Silver Wolf banner in version 1.1. This account requires an AOE DPS and a second single-target DPS to build two teams for the Memory of Chaos mode. Along with an offensive support and a second healer.

In this case, the player can choose to go for Luocha, who is an excellent healer, and also acquire Yukong as a good offensive support. However, the Silver Wolf banner might offer more value. Providing Silver Wolf herself as an offensive support, Dan Heng as a single-target DPS, and Serval as an AOE DPS. Additionally, Asta can serve as a secondary support in some cases. By opting for the Silver Wolf banner, the account can also obtain Eidolons. This is for all three characters that could be utilized in their two teams. Instead of just acquiring Eidolons for a single four-star character.

These are some basic tips to optimize your gains from wishes, intended to increase the efficiency of your wishes. With that said, let’s proceed to the Best Eidolons in Star Rail.

Serval E6: This Song Rocks to Heaven

Serval‘s Eidolons, in general, are among the best Eidolons in Star Rail. She is a four-star AOE DPS who can rival five-star characters in their own game. She has a low energy cost, allowing her to spam her ultimate, and she excels at breaking shields and dealing significant damage.

Her E6 provides a straight 30% damage multiplier to all her attacks, which is a powerful buff with minimal conditions and guaranteed 100% uptime. Serval applies a lot of shock and can extend its duration. This ensures she never experiences downtime with her E6. Additionally, as she progresses to E6, Serval gains E1, which makes her normal attacks AOE, E2, which refunds energy with each attack, and E4, which applies more shock with her ultimate.

These qualities combined, build up a strong AOE dps character, that can output potent damage. Against any enemy weak to lightning, Serval will be a very competitive character to pick, and against enemies who are not weak to lightning, you can use Silver Wolf with her to force lightning weakness. Serval’s Eidolons also enable her to pair well with Kafka, Sampo, or any future character focusing on DoT.

These qualities combine to create a strong AOE DPS character capable of delivering potent damage. When facing enemies weak to lightning, Serval becomes a highly competitive pick. When it comes to dealing with enemies without lightning, pairing her with Silver Wolf can force the lightning weakness. Serval’s Eidolons also synergize well with characters like Kafka, Sampo, or any future character focused on Damage Over Time (DOT).

March 7th E4: Never Forfeit Again

In the Honkai Star Rail Defensive Support Tier List, I ranked March 7th at the highest rank. This is due to the complex nature of her kit, which allows her to fulfill multiple roles such as shielder, cleanser, shield breaker, and crowd control character. One of the key factors contributing to her high ranking is her fourth Eidolon, which adds a third counter attack and scales her counter damage with Defense.

By default, March can counter twice per turn when any shielded ally is attacked by an enemy. These counters not only deal damage and break shields, but also refund energy to March. By adding an extra counter, March is able to break more shields, deal more damage, and use her ultimate more frequently. This, in turn, enables March to break shields even more and freeze enemies more frequently.

The value of March at E4 significantly increases, especially in AOE content. Along the way to E4, she also gains E1, which generates more energy, and E2, which grants more shields.

In endgame Memory of Chaos mode, March is one of the best characters to play, and her effectiveness improves with Eidolons. I highly recommend obtaining her E4 if possible and using her more frequently.

Star Rail Best Eidolons – Sushang E1: Cut With Ease

You might be surprised by the amount of power this simple Eidolon can provide. Sushang is a single-target DPS character who relies on breaking enemy shields. She deals more damage against broken enemies and gains increased speed. Her E1 adds incredible utility to her kit by refunding the skill point used by Sushang to activate her skill.

This refund requires the enemy to have a broken shield, which is something Sushang always strives to achieve. Therefore, it is not difficult to meet this condition, and you can expect it to be active more often than not. Over the course of a lengthy battle, this Eidolon will refund a significant number of skill points, which can then be used by secondary dps, support, or a shield breaker. Thus, it not only benefits Sushang herself but also the entire team playing alongside her.

For an easily obtainable Eidolon that only requires one additional copy, E1 on Sushang is considered one of the best Eidolons in Star Rail. There are not many DPS characters who can enhance the overall performance of the team while fulfilling their primary role. Therefore, I highly recommend acquiring Sushang’s E1, whether through a banner where she is featured or from the monthly shop.

Asta E4: Aurora Basks In Beauty and Bliss

While she starts off decently at E0, Asta gains a significant amount of utility with Eidolons. Asta’s primary utility lies in buffing the attack of all allies by stacking her talent and increasing speed through her ultimate. Additionally, she buffs fire damage for fire DPS characters.

Asta’s Eidolons

Her attack buff can reach up to 75% for all allies, which is immense. However, her stacks are constantly being reduced. Therefore, her E1, E2, and E6 focus on slowing down the reduction of stacks. Each of these Eidolons adds something valuable, and while none of them are exceptionally powerful on their own, they contribute to Asta’s overall effectiveness. E4, on the other hand, focuses on generating energy for Asta, which helps her use her ultimate more frequently. The ultimate is tied to the speed buff, and usually, Asta needs several turns to charge her ultimate, while the buff only lasts for two turns. Thus, energy generation is crucial to reduce downtime, as losing the speed buff can disrupt rotation fluidity.

Asta’s buff provides a flat speed increase, which is then multiplied by speed modifiers from other sources. Therefore, in reality, her buff is larger than the listed 50-speed value. If her E4 helps her use her ultimate one turn earlier, that’s a +50 speed boost for the entire team for one turn, which is a significant enhancement.

Maintaining Asta’s E4 Buff

The condition to maintain Asta’s E4 buff is to have two or more stacks of her talent. This condition is not difficult to meet, considering how her E1 and E2 assist in slowing down the reduction of stacks. The buff itself grants 15% energy generation, which is almost equivalent to having an additional five-star Rope relic with energy generation. Furthermore, if you combine Rope, E4, and a shield break relic set, you can charge Asta’s ultimate much faster and grant your team more turns.

Dan Heng E2: Quell the Venom Octet, Quench the Vice O’Flame

This Eidolon reduces the cooldown of Dan Heng’s Talent. What this talent does is grant Dan Heng significant wind resistance penetration for one action. The condition to trigger it is a support ally targeting Dan Heng with a skill, and the cooldown is initially set at two turns. Therefore, by default, Dan Heng can utilize the powerful buff for one action and then wait for two turns before using it again.

Now, with E2, the cooldown is reduced to one turn, allowing Dan Heng to benefit from the buff for an additional action. Instead of saving it solely for his ultimate, he can use it once more during his skill. This increases Dan Heng’s damage potential, and if played optimally, he can surpass other single-target dps characters. Unfortunately, the buff still relies on another character buffing Dan Heng at the right time, making it challenging to achieve optimal rotations, even with E2.

However, the damage increase is still significant, and Dan Heng can exploit it to various extents. Even in the worst rotation scenario, Dan Heng still gains considerable benefits from E2.

So that’s it for the Best Eidolons to obtain in Honkai Star Rail. What did you think of the list? What are your favorite Eidolons you’ve summoned? Let us know in the comments below!

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